11:01pm July 23, 2014

Right here, it’s the King of Kings
The Eternal Champion

Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~TREE~
10:18pm July 23, 2014
1:35pm July 23, 2014
Anonymous asked: Thank you for translating Ti Amo! :) If you have time, please translate everything? Hahaha. Their words gave me too much feels.

It’s my pleasure^^ Someone’s already translated it~ [click]

12:02am July 23, 2014
11:01pm July 22, 2014

All about Super Junior: Treasure Within Us

10:32pm July 22, 2014
12:42pm July 22, 2014

La Storia

We, who have walked together for a long time, understand each other well even without words. At times, just watching Changmin, who has become even more steady then I am, reassures me. Not alone, because it’s two of us, I’m able to go on until now. Ah, thanks buddy!

I spoke with hyung for a long time on the street in the sunlight. From loud, noisy bantering to heartfelt, truthful words. I know that from the time I began to depend on Yunho hyung as one would with family, I could never seem to tell him. At this moment, I want to say it. Thank you.

12:21am July 22, 2014