12:05am August 2, 2014
11:00pm August 1, 2014

the dansheen masheen

10:01pm August 1, 2014

throughout the interview, changmin was constantly comparing yunho's gross domestic habits to the mc's newly wedded husband's (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
11:39am August 1, 2014

@GaemGyu: The KyuBangBaekYuk casting’s final performance.. Our tap (dance) god Brenda who’s in Broadway 42nd Street also came.. Must’ve laughed when she saw me tap dancing.. It’s Sungyu’s final performance too… Now KyuDon’s Singing (in the Rain) is also only left with the final performance ㅜㅜ

11:05am August 1, 2014
1:01am August 1, 2014

After our team was formed, we started to live together in our hostel. On the first day… Yunho hyung, he suddenly… I was resting in my room, he opened the door and said “Hey! you come out for a while!” I was then dragged to the living room.

I thought “Here it comes. So he’s really gonna start bullying trainees now… What do I do? What if I got punched? What to do? Should I call the police? Or call somebody else?”

I started to randomly thought of a lot of things. Actually I was really frightened!

11:28pm July 31, 2014